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Best camera for beginner filmmakers
OVERVIEW With camera technology advancing with every passing day, the digital revolution has transformed filmmaking. This field has attracted many young volunteers in the past few years. The initial step towards filmmaking is choosing the right equipment i.e. the right camera. Now, with a wide variety offered today, it becomes a difficult [...]
lun, Avr 13, 2020
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best 24-70 lens
OVERVIEW Photography is an art that we all love to do. Some do it for the profession while others do for passion. Whatever be your purpose of using Camera, the 24-70 lens stands for the personification of photography. This 24-70 lens offers decent light gathering potential with an f2.8 aperture [...]
sam, Avr 11, 2020
Source: Filmosphere
Original title: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Director: Peter JacksonActors: Andy Serkis , Cate Blanchett , Christopher Lee , Elijah Wood , Hugo Weaving , Ian Holm , Ian McKellen , James Nesbitt , Ken Stott , Martin Freeman , Richard ArmitageGenre: Adventure , FantasyCinema release date: December 12, 2012Distributor: Warner [...]
mer, Mar 25, 2020
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