Escale: The Valley of Nine Villages

Aujourd’hui, un extrait du journal INTR’INSEEC octobre/novembre 2012, rédigé par les étudiants de l’ECE Lyon.

Jiuzhaigou Valley

Valley of Nine Villages is also called Jiuzhaigou Valley ,a nature reserve and national park located in northern Sichuan province of southwestern China. The various geographical characters and various scenic types make Jiuzhai Valley as the unique site in the karst geography in the world. The Jiuzhaigou Valley is a well-known fairyland that features perennially snow-capped mountain peaks, verdant and lush forest, stretches of serene lakes, and various birds and animals. It is also a world of water, the clearest in the world. Water brings Jiuzhai Valley its most enchanting views, which is the soul of the place. Bright green waters, icy waterfalls, colorful forest (especially in autumn) and pure snow mountains surrounded, all contributing to the unique view of Jiuzhai Valley and earning it a place on the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List.

Muni Valley

Muni Valley is a geologic museum of miscellaneous natural landscape formed by the rare karst calcification in high and cold mountain area. Owing to the fact that the travertine sediment deposit in the scenic sport in large in scale and various in shapes, added with later on geologic movements, various kinds of travertine landforms were formed. The landscape of the scenic spot is blended with travertine waterfalls, annular ponds and waterfalls, plateau collapsed solution lakes, stalactites, karst caves, calcification relics, primeval forests, high-mountain meadows, sulfurous springs, rare flora and fauna, Tibetan Buddhism temples, and unique customs of
Tibetan village, and famous for Five Marvels – «waterfall, flower sea, lake, spring and stalactite». Muni Valley, also high in calcium carbonate boasts similar colors to those of the larger Huanglong and Jiuzhai Valley National Park. It also contains China’s largest stalactite. Of historical significance is China’s ancient Tea and Horse Trading Routes passed through the Muni Valley area.

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