How is Bamboin designed ?

Hi dear reader, in order to start our English articles, Bamboin propose you today to explain to you this website design, which is unfortunately almost all written in French.

First, you can see that there are two menus.

The black one (1) on the top it for pages. Here, you will see article about the team, links to contact us or archives. You can also do a research using “entrez vos mots clés”.

The second menu (2) will be a lot more useful for you as it shows all the existing categories on Bamboin. As you will see, the English writing category id called: Around the world. Sub categories appear beyond categories when you pass the moth on one of them.

The first slide show (3) highlights the newest news articles. In that way, you will always know what is happening in France and all over the world.

On the right (4), also appear a list of articles. The title called TOP bring out the most commented articles and the title “à la une” highlights recent articles.

A bit more at the bottom of the page is present a video screen (5). Here, you can see videos about commented albums or movies.

After this video widget, you can see all newest articles you may want to read (7) and on the right side (6), the tool called “se connecter” is for writer to login. If you want to join us and login too, do not hesitate to contact us through the link called “contact”, it will be a pleasure to integrate you into the band.

We hope this design will be easy to use for you, non-French speaking user. Be sure that we tried to make it as simple as possible to propose you a nice reader experience.

The + Bamboin

Did you know that the Bamboin logo is a transform of the Crazy Rabbits of Nintendo?

We choose this Bamboin guy because it matched perfectly with our view of the site: simple and fun.

This idea of simplicity is also highlighted by the few colors of the website: black, grey and red.

A Propos de l'Auteur

thibault linte a publié 87 articles sur ce site.

Passionné de cinéma et de politique, cet illustre souverain de la myrtille a décidé de quitter les plaines verdoyantes de son enfance, pour parcourir le monde à la recherche de la connaissance suprême. En attendant de la trouver, il vous livre ici ses pensées sur un monde qu’il aimerait tant révolutionner. Sinon, Thibault dénigre les bobos, bien que son livre de chevet soit Cioran près du catalogue IKEA.

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