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Attention aux coups de jus


Hector Gachan pays tribute to the Bosnian legend Dino Merlin (real name Edin Dervišhalidović) with this magnificent cover of one his hits "E, otkad mi se nisi javila". [...]
mer, Juil 31, 2019
Source: Délicieuse musique
After a vibrant tribute to the French Disco fever of the late 70s with "Disco Sympathy" in 2014, Vidal Benjamin is back with "Pop Sympathy", a new selection of lost 80's New Wave Synth Pop tunes. An undisguised reference to the great era of the iconic Parisian club Les Bains [...]
lun, Juil 29, 2019
Source: Délicieuse musique
Touchy producer, diggin' enthusiast and A-class DJ, Sam Shepherd just drop a 2 titles EP on Ninja Tunes. After the release of his praised soul-infused Late Night Tales compilation, it's like meeting a friend without having seen him since a long time, here Floating Points is back messing around with [...]
jeu, Juil 18, 2019
Source: Délicieuse musique

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