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Young Turkish producer Alex Lawrence aka Aleksandir was undoubtedly one of the House revelations of 2018.He had swept the House game with the release last May of a 12" of 3 tracks and two remixes "Yamaha" appeared on Tessellate. It was the eponymous track of the EP "Yamaha" that simply [...]
jeu, Juin 20, 2019
Source: Délicieuse musique
Dan Snaith is a versatile man, you may have heard from him listening to Caribou since he's behind the project since its beginning in 2005, if you heard of Daphni , it's the same person but you deal with his electronic alter-ego also known for his thrilling DJ sets. It's [...]
mar, Juin 18, 2019
Source: Délicieuse musique
The two Israelis producers are back with the second release of their "Trips" series, simply entitled Trips #2: Vietnam after Africa last year, it's in Asia they decided to settle, undoubtedly for visiting but not only ! To produce this EP, the two artists went deep in the roots of [...]
jeu, Juin 06, 2019
Source: Délicieuse musique

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